It's free web-hosting so I can't provide 24/7 365 Support. But I will do my best to answer your questions, hopefully within 24hours. So if you have any problems, please email me. If you have any questions, please email. Whatever it may be, I'll try and help. (What's a good FTP Client? What's a good Trivia Script? Does my site look ok on your end?, etc)
E-mail me at the below address, please say what your account username and password is, as it may help.

FAQ (Well, Fake FAQs, as I made them all up)

Question: So it's completely free? No Ads?
Answer: Yep, No Ads, No forum posting.

Question: I hear of so many Free Hosts just vanishing, how do I know you won't?
Answer: All I can say is I have been providing free (ad-free) web-hosting for over seven years. I don't make any money off of it, but I continue to do it because I like too, I like to help out people with free hosting. I wouldn't vanish, that would be just wrong. I can't see in the near future shutting this down, and if by some off-chance I did, I would give all the people I host a month or two to get all their files off the server, and redirect to their new host.

Question: Do I get any support?
Answer: Currently It's free hosting, so it's not 24/7 365, one hour guaranteed support. But I will try and help you out, respond to your questions within 24hours or so. So if you can some question, then feel free to email it to me at the below email. I'll help if I can. :)

Question : Can I host a domain? What are your nameserver?
Answer: I can host you on a free subdomain, or if you have a domain you can point it here using the following nameservers. and

Question : Why are you hosting these sites for free? What's the catch?
Answer: No catch. I just want too. I can host some sites for free, and so I do. I like too. :)

Question : Can I host a forum?
Answer : Yes, but remember I do not host any adult content. I host sites for everyone, that means whether you are 8 or 98 you can view the forum and website.

Question : Can I host Adult Content, or Warez, Roms, Emulators, MP3s?
Answer :
Nope. You can't host that or link to it. Well, if you made the MP3, or have the right to host it, then yeah, but no to the others.

Question : I need more space/bandwidth. or what if I eventually reach my limit.
Answer: Well, I may be able to increase it a bit if you really need it. But I have to set limits. If you eventually need too much more, you could either find a good paid host, I could suggest a few, or I could upgrade your account for a reasonable monthly or yearly fee.

Have any other questions? E-Mail me them at