Sign-Up Procedure

PLEASE NOTE: I do not host Adult Related Content.

If you want to sign up for a free hosting package, please first read the Terms and Conditions.
You must agree and abide to them if you contact me for hosting.
But they are the usual, Don't Spam, Don't Have or Link to Illegal Content, No Adult Sites, etc.

Your site must be in English. As I need to check it for against the terms, and I can only read English.

Now for the Sign-Up:
Now that all that legal/requirements stuff is out of the way, time to get you signed up and hosted. :D

For security reasons it's not an automated signup, you e-mail me, and I'll set it up for you, it should be done within 48 hours.

But I need to know I little about you.
So please use this little guideline when emailing me for hosting.

1.) First and Last Name.
2.) A little about yourself.
3.) Say that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
4.) What Username do you want to log into your control panel.
5.) What is the domain name? . . . .
Is it your domain (Example: or is it a subdomain (Example:

When you're all ready send me an email at

And Thanks for choosing Level Up Host, if your site is legitimate, it should be all setup, and your login details sent within 48 hours, Thanks.